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Super Hamlet 64


*** Please note: this event is taking place at The Cause, Chippenham ***


“Day never ceased to impress…like a man possessed at times, effortlessly switching between characters…for me, the best original play I have seen.” ★★★★★ Theatre Bath

An explosive hour of videogame geekery and Shakespeare, packed full of physical comedy, video projection and 16-bit, musical mayhem.

Equiped with an Ocarina, a Ukulele and a thirst for revenge, Lecoq-trained Edward Day battles through 4 decades of videogame nostalgia in a quest to kill his uncle and win at life.

Videogame design is all about giving the player the illusion of meaningful choice, making you feel like your decisions have weight and impact. Hamlet is a story about a person unable to make any decisions, weighed down by tragic circumstances, struggling to will themself to kill their uncle and avenge their dad’s death.

Super Hamlet 64: Parody DLC is Day’s homage to the art of the videogames he loves and the humanity and beauty of Shakespeare’s verse. He’s taken over 100 videogame quotes, visual references and pieces of music and woven them into the story of Hamlet, dying again and again as he tries to kill his uncle. He’s turned Ophelia into a kickass gamer geek with a penchant for samouri swords, the famous graveyard scene into philosophical zombie shootout, and the final fight with Laertes into an epic boss battle with a giant mechanical beast, spewing clouds of noxious gas.

It references text adventures, 80s arcades, JRPGS, ARPGS, platformers, point and click adventure games, joysticks, game pads, wii sticks motion sensors, VR, sandbox shooters, first person shooters, bioshock style search and looters, racers, apps, augmented reality, games that grapple with our sanity, dungeon crawlers, simulations, beatemups, puzzlers, real time strategy continue screens, title screens and all the music he can play from 40 years of videogaming 1970s to present day.


Standard ticket £10

A £1 booking fee will be added to every ticket

June 30 2017


Date: June 30
Time: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Cost: £10
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The Cause

42 The Causeway
Chippenham, SN15 3DD United Kingdom

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