The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters, a band known for their highly individual alt-bluegrass style are performing at The Neeld on Friday 11 March. Why not come and enjoy their music for yourself? Book your tickets here

The band was formed ten years ago by ex-Long Ryder and former NME cover boy Sid Griffin. They have produced five well-received albums and performed all over the world from Glastonbury to Stagecoach (USA), from Hultsfredsfestivalen (Sweden) to LaRoche (France) and back again. They have recently been described as “an acoustic Clash” and “Mumford & Sons with a Ph.D. in song writing”

We spoke to Sid Griffin about the band.

How long have you been playing together?
We started playing acoustic bluegrass in late 2001 but of that early line-up only myself on mandolin and guitarist Neil Bob Herd remain. Gemma White has been on fiddle since about 2005. Andrew Stafford joined in 2009 and Paul Fitzgerald on banjo has been with us for two years.

Who is your favourite musician/band?
I don’t think the Coal Porters could agree on a favourite musician! I can say my favourite musician is either Bill Monroe, the founder of bluegrass, or Roger McGuinn, the founder of the Byrds.

What is your favourite piece of music that you play?
The Coal Porters play a song called New Cut Road which is a shaggy dog story interwoven with some hot picking. That is my favourite song we play but there are others which are a close second such as our version of Neil Young’s song Like a Hurricane.

What would you be if you weren’t a musician?
I would be unemployed and broke. Hang on…I am unemployed and broke. Guess I am a musician after all!