The Bohemians!

The Bohemians!

We are all big Queen fans here at the Neeld so we absolutely can not wait for this show. Internationally renowned Queen Tribute band The Bohemians will take you on a high energy roller coaster ride of a concert, featuring the back catalogue of one of the world’s most popular and iconic rock acts of all time. This show is a must for all fans rock music in Chippenham!

Want to know more about them…?

Can you tell us a bit about the band and how you all got together?

The band was formed in 1996 so that’s twenty years or so ago although Kevin Goodwin, the bass player is the only remaining founding member.
Our drummer Wayne Bourne joined in 1998,  I replaced the original singer in 2004 and Chris (Gregory) joined us on guitar in 2009. So this line up has been together about 7 years.
This is definitely the strongest line up we’ve had and the continuity we’ve been able to maintain means that we are very strong musically and a very cohesive unit especially in light of our recent tours on the continent.

It really became a full time occupation a few years back when we started touring in Germany with an orchestra and also won a rather lucrative contract playing on Royal Caribbean cruise liners.
In addition to all this we also still tour  extensively in the UK with a very busy schedule playing theatres throughout the year and festivals in the summer months.

Which Queen song does the audience love best?

There are so many that would fit the bill. Different songs do different jobs, for instance Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Another One Bites The Dust are real favourites for an audience to dance to. Don’t Stop Me Now always generates so much energy as well but where would we be without We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions? You simply can’t end a show with anything else. My personal favourite is the emotive The Show Must Go On but I think everyone’s favourite has to be Bohemian Rhapsody. Such a monster song!

How is band life on tour, do you get to see much of the towns you visit?

Sometimes, sometimes not. It all depends how much time we have of course.
If we arrive on the day it’s straight to the venue and we just see the inside of the hall but if we fly out to a cruise liner for instance we might get an evening to wander around town. We’ve seen a lot of nice places that way in recent years.

If you could pay tribute to another band, who would you be?

I always said it would be either Freddie as singer or Dave Gilmour as guitarist.
Chris has that job in this band! Incidentally I think he would choose Thin Lizzy as he’s a massive fan of theirs.
Wayne and Kevin? I couldn’t imagine them doing another tribute. Cut them in half and they’re Queen right through. Wayne is a bit of a hippy though so maybe Gong or Steve Hillage or something!

Favourite tour bus snack?

Burger King is the most expedient on tour.
Luxury drink as an option (Frothy Coffee) unless some of our Polish orchestral friends persuade us to have a vodka or two with them. And of course the bus driver has a plentiful supply of beer for after the show!

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Catch The Bohemians here on Friday 9 September, call 01249 446699 or book here