Q&A with Springwatch’s Iolo Williams

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Q&A with Springwatch’s Iolo Williams

Even though the weather has become less spring-like, we are still getting a bit of nature in our lives soon as wildlife broadcasters Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams will be letting a sold-out Neeld audience in on the behind the scenes secrets of wildlife presenting and their fascinating stories about nature. We asked Iolo Williams some quick questions ahead of the show:


What’s the most interesting thing you have discovered while filming your programmes?


That red squirrels hang fungi out to dry on branches before storing them for the winter.



Where is your favourite place in the UK to spot wildlife?


Skomer Island with its thousands of seabirds, dolphins, choughs and unique voles.



What’s your favourite species of wildlife?


Birds of prey, particularly hen harriers and golden eagles. It’s a national disgrace that both are heavily persecuted on driven grouse moors.



What made you get in to wildlife presenting?


It happened completely by accident. I explain fully in the show!



What can people expect to hear in your show Wildlife Road Trip?


Tales from my youth and RSPB days as well as some filming highlights. There’s enough variety to amuse the whole family!




Iolo Williams will be live with Martin Hughes-Games at their sold out Wildlife Road Trip show on Tuesday 1 May.