Oh Hello! reviews

Oh Hello! reviews

We could write so many good things about this show, then we thought, hang on a minute….


Chortle 4 stars

“A tour-de-force performance by Jamie Rees captures the complex eccentricities of a comedy hero in this affectionate one-man portrait of Carry On star Charles Hawtrey.”

“Rees delivers a compelling performance, accurate in its mimicry”

Edinburgh Evening News / The Scotsman 5 stars

“the piece is rich in pathos and beautifully played by Rees, who captures every little vocal and facial nuance of the tormented star”

Edinburgh Festivals mag

“Rees sympathetically rekindles the memory of an iconic figure”

The List 4 stars

“perfect mimicry”

“Rees is hilarious, whether in arch diva mode, or petulant as a small boy.”

Wales Online 4 stars

“Bearing a striking resemblance to the diminutive star, Rees is off to a good start but he also superbly captures the camp actor’s voice and mannerisms.”

“This [show] deserves to be taken to a wider audience”

Arts Scene in Wales

“Rees has a striking resemblance to Hawtrey, and has his impersonation down to perfection… it’s like Rees is channelling the spirit of Hawtrey for the duration of the piece.”

“Oh Hello! is a tour de force of performance and writing. Jamie Rees is extraordinary as Charles Hawtrey”


Broadway Baby 4 stars

“Jamie Rees’s sparkling reminiscence of Hawtrey’s life”

“Oh Hello is a camp troll through Hawtrey’s that will delight audiences that grew up in the period and remember all the names, faces and films so well. It is entertaining and humorous, with plenty of material that reveals the troubled man that lay beneath the comic facade.”

Edinburgh Guide 4 stars

“the eerily talented Jamie Rees”

“From the first “Oh Hello!” to the last, Rees’ spot on impersonation feels all to real, unintentionally invoking star struck giggles with every witty line. Never wavering from his uncanny portrayal, Rees is able to carry the magnitude of the late star from pompous pride through to his maddeningly solitary end.”

“Dave Ainsworth has managed to write a play which covers a great deal of ground in around an hour, and does so with great skill and economy. The play is directed confidently by Peter Doran, with some deft touches”

“this is a fine example of a one person play”


Theatre in Wales
“So brilliantly successful is Jamie Rees’ recreation of the ‘Carry On’ star that you really do think it’s the real guy that’s talking to you.”

“Rees beautifully succeeds in capturing the complete man”


Oh Hello is on at the Neeld THIS Sunday, get your tickets here