Into The West

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Into The West

This Easter Travelling Light Theatre Company brings us Into The West adding to The Neelds Growing Live Theatre Events Schedule

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Imagine a glorious white horse comes out of a sea-mist and into your troubled life. Imagine trying to keep her on the 14th floor of a Dublin tower block. Now imagine the police are after you, and your only escape is to ride into the west…

We asked Travelling Light a few questions –

How long ago did Travelling Light form?

Travelling Light was formed in 1984 by two Bristol teachers who wanted to make quality theatre for children and young people. After celebrating our 30th birthday recently with a big community festival called 30Fest, we are now nearing our 32nd birthday!

Why did Travelling Light pick Into The West?

This show was commissioned 20 years ago by Travelling Light’s Artistic Director Jude Merrill after seeing the film Into The West. Jude says, “When I first saw the film in 1994 it stayed in my head and refused to go away. For someone who’d spent half their childhood imagining living as a horse it was dream material. I realised that it was just asking to be told on stage, and hastened to develop that thought into, ultimately, the play you see now”.

With Jude retiring from her post next year it was a great opportunity to revive a play that is so important to the company, to Jude, and to the many different audiences that it influenced during its incredibly popular seven year run all over the world.

How would you sum up Into The West in three words?

Funny, heartbreaking, inspiring.



We look forward to see the show 7pm Sunday 27 March!