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Jongleurs, the UK’s Number One Comedy Company is coming to The Neeld by popular demand!

We only have four tickets remaining for the first date. Details can be found here.

Can you tell us a bit about Jongleurs and how it began?
Jongleurs started over 30 years ago with one venue in Battersea, South London. We are now the biggest provider of comedy in the UK with an outstanding knowledge and experience of running comedy clubs, corporate events, theatre shows, TV Shows and Award Ceremonies. Throughout the year we provide entertainment to thousands of comedy fans in our nine resident clubs.
We thrive on providing the best comedy acts with a second to none service to create a great comedy experience, which means our guests return time and time again. Our brand name is one of the most recognised and respected within the industry and we are proud to offer up and coming comedians alongside established talent.

When did Jongleurs start touring?
Jongleurs On The Road was created over 10 years ago, when we decided to bring the brightest and the best comedy talent to an even wider audience. We aim to provide a top-notch comedy experience in the comfort and convenience of your local venue. We find that the Jongleurs On The Road Shows quickly establish themselves as a regular event in people’s social calendars, creating a great club atmosphere. We are thrilled to be bringing our On The Road Show to The Neeld.

How do you choose the comedians who perform at your events?
Quite simply, we choose the best live comedians working in the UK today. We have varied bills so that audiences can enjoy a mixture of different types of comedy styles and performers. We believe there is something for everyone at a Jongleurs On The Road Show.

What makes a good night of comedy?
You take a fabulous venue such as The Neeld and fill it with a gorgeous audience. Make it a Friday so people can have a relaxing drink and fun evening to kick off the weekend. Then you provide 4 of the UK’s funniest comedians who are brilliant live performers and it all adds up to a truly unique and exhilarating night out. We all feel better after a good laugh so we look forward to seeing you!