Jody Kamali at The Neeld

comedian Jody Kamali

Jody Kamali at The Neeld

Bristol born comedian Jody Kamali will be performing his new show Spectacular! at The Neeld this Friday February 19.

Set in the world of the dysfunctional Gorbachev Circus of Wonder, this is a circus like no other as Jody Kamali takes you into his playfully silly and imaginative world. Headed up by Animal Tamer The Great Fernando and his array of gifted animals. There will be shark attacks and snakebites, vanishing audience members and The Man of Mystery who attempts the impossible… juggling plastic bags! There’s even a love story involving an ironing board, all of which have been deeply moving audiences at the Brighton and Prague Fringes.

We thought we would find out a little more about Jody before his visit.

Who is your favourite comedian?

At the moment it’s Sam Simmons, he won the Fosters comedy award. He’s very brave and just totally embraces his weirdness and eccentricity, which is inspiring.

What is your favourite joke?

I don’t tell jokes. Everything I do is pretty much visually funny or funny because it’s just so stupid.

How do you deal with hecklers?

It’s rare that you get a nasty heckle but it has happened. I usually just bring them into my world using whatever character I’m playing at the time.

What is the best gig you have ever done?

Probably my last which was my monthly gig that I organise called Beckenham comedy cabaret. It was headlined by Harry Hill, with over 200 people in the audience. I was hosting and playing other characters. Tony Law had cancelled on me last minute not to mention the sound equipment failing on me, which meant I had to frantically fill time. It was all exhilarating and chaotic to the audience’s entertainment. I wanted to curl up in a ball in a corner but it was all so much fun. The audience loved it.


We can’t wait for Jody to visit the Neeld!

Check out Jody’s trailer here