Ceroc Dancing

Ceroc dancing

Ceroc Dancing

We like a good boogie here at the Neeld, so we love Wednesdays as it’s ceroc dancing night with Richard from Ceroc Live


Tell us about ceroc dancing and how you came to love it?

Ceroc is a partner dance that is best described as salsa without the footwork. Very easy to learn and available to all no matter who you are! I love ceroc due to its versatility and being able to adapt what we learn to all types of music. I also love that whilst having the time of my life I’m also keeping fit and being social.

Ceroc dancing

Each night starts with a beginners’ class from 8pm and there’s no need to bring a partner or book in advance so you come along as often as you like. The class runs for 45 minutes where we then have a 10 minute break and play some music to practise to. We then split the classes up and have a beginners’ practise session in another room whilst the intermediate class takes place in the main hall. Everyone then rejoins the main hall at 9.30pm and music is playing till 11pm. It’s a whole night out and just for £8!

What sort of music can you ceroc to?

We dance to all types of music from today’s chart hits to the classics from the 60’s and 70’s and everything else in between. From Katy Perry to Chaka Khan and Olly Murs to The Jacksons.

Can you tell us about some of the steps?

There are 12 basic moves/steps and these are rotated around on an eight week schedule and each night you will learn three of them. There is repetition for ease of learning and once you have mastered the basics there are about 800 further intermediate moves to try. No one will ever learn them all but it’s worth trying!

Can you do any other style of dance?

As a dance teacher for nearly 20 years I have personally danced many other styles from ballroom to salsa and street to West Coast Swing. The beauty of ceroc dancing is that we aim to combine all of these different types of dance and match it to the music that’s playing so it’s never the same dance twice. Variety is the spice of life!

Ceroc dancing

Ceroc is at the Neeld every Wednesday from 8pm, contact Richard at dance@ceroclive.com or call on 07540 751400 for more information.

Normal entry fee only £8 per night.