Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra comes to Chippenham

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra comes to Chippenham

This autumn Chippenham is lucky enough to receive two visits from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. On September 22 the orchestra will be performing a concert at St Andrews church and in November there is a chance for you rusty and not so rusty musicians to play along side the orchestra.

To find out more we spoke to Rebecca and Ben from the BSO.

Rebecca –
Can you tell us a bit about the programme for the concert at St Andrews Church on the September 22?
Despite possessing a brain that could remember music with 100 per cent precision, Mozart kept a detailed log of everything he’d written, just in case. The title Eine kleine Nachtmusik is what he jotted next to the entry for this particular serenade written for a string quartet with an added double-bass. It’s another piece from his great purple patch. He was just thirty-one years old. Dives and Lazarus contains superbly sumptuous string writing, with sweeping melodies stretching across the orchestra, underpinned by deep and resonant harmonies. During a rather bracing walk along the Cardiganshire coast, Elgar heard a distant choir, and he borrowed the tune for his Introduction & Allegro, which features both a string quartet and a string orchestra.
The solemn, heart-wrenching sadness of Barber’s Adagio has lent itself to a range of powerful uses beyond the concert hall. It was played at the funeral of Albert Einstein and can be heard on all sorts of commercials and movie soundtracks. Antonín Dvořák’s Serenade for Strings was composed in just two weeks in May 1875. It remains one of the composer’s more popular orchestral works to this day.

Why do the BSO like playing at St Andrews Church?
The BSO enjoys visiting the many of the towns and cities in its home region of the south and south west of England.  St Andrews Church is a lovely place to bring one of our smaller programmes and the BSO Strings concert next week should sound beautiful in the church.  And of course, we always appreciate the warm appreciation of the Chippenham audience.

Ben –
What can a participant expect from being a part of your Rusty & Not So Rusty Musicians event?
As part of the day, they can expect to receive specialist sectional coaching in the morning with a professional musician from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Our musicians try and cater the coaching for all abilities, but participants shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions! There are plenty of refreshments throughout the day, and after lunch, all sections will come together in the main hall to form a full-size symphony orchestra. This is be conducted by Kevin Smith, who as well as being an excellent conductor, is the BSO’s bass trombone player. There is a great sense of community between the ‘rusties’ as they are affectionately known, and many people leave the day with a great sense of achievement.

How many of these events have you run in Chippenham and what has been the response in the past?
This event will be the third time that we have held the Rusty and Not So Rusty musicians project in Chippenham, and response has been great. Each time we have more and more musicians sign-up, which is great as it creates an even more impressive orchestra. We also love to see family and friends along for the free performance at 4.15pm.

Book your tickets for the BSO at St Andrews here, and find out how to join in with the rusty and not so rusty musicians concert here.