Take The Stage

Battle of the Bands

Take The Stage

Take the Stage is a battle of the bands style music competition for local young bands in partnership with Riverbank Studios in Chippenham. It is a bi-monthly event where bands are playing on stage in a professional setting. The winner of this season will get an opening slot on the Neeld stage, free recording sessions at Riverbank Studios as well as being the main act for ‘Rock in the Park’ during Chippfest 2016.

We asked Tom from Riverbank Studios to tell us a bit more…

How has take the stage gone so far?

It’s been really enjoyable so far, the level of talent on display has blown all of us away! The response from the public and the amount of people coming to watch is encouraging, and really shows there is a need for more live music in Chippenham, and more events to encourage local artists.

Who have your winners been?

Heat 1 – Amie and the Mayhem
Heat 2 – Six Feet Above
Each band comes away with a full set recording and one track filmed for a live video. From a judges point of view, all of the bands have given us a really hard time picking a winner and caused quite a few arguments whilst the judging was taking place.

What can audiences look forward to in this heat?

More great music and tonnes of talent. We have three more bands; Diagonal People, who describe themselves as “post-genre”, Don’t Tell Sam, a heavy metal band from Chippenham, and  Summoned by Ash, a pop-punk band with a fresh sound and energetic presence.

What do you enjoy about running Take the Stage?

Seeing so many young musicians and music fans getting involved with the local music scene. Chippenham’s music scene is on the up and its fantastic to be a part of it.

You can watch videos of the heats 1 and 2 on our Facebook page. We look forward to Heat 3 on April 21 and Heat 4 on May 12. There is a space at Heat 4, if you are interested in applying contact Riverbank Studios here