At The Mountains of Madness

At the Mountains of Madness

At The Mountains of Madness

Icarus Theatre Collective bring us a world premiere –  the first theatre adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling masterpiece At the Mountains of Madness.

Desperate. Incensed. Exhausted. William Dyer returns from a cursed expedition to the Antarctic.

To protect our world, he keeps deep secrets that he knows the speaking of can only shatter his fragile mind. But as he comes to the realisation that we, the audience, are planning to go further into the penetrating cold than he dared, will his secrets unfold? Will he finally be resigned to speak?


Max Lewendel, of Icarus, tells us more about this exciting production.

When did Icarus Theatre begin?

In the cold winter of 2003 – 2004


Why did Icarus pick At The Mountains of Madness?

Always a fan of the dark and thrilling, this story was brought to us by our sound and music composer, Theo Holloway.  I read the story and was so excited by it that I couldn’t sleep and we began emailing plans to turn the novella into a play at 3am that night.


What has been Icarus Theatres most popular production?

Macbeth, another dark, gothic take on a familiar story.


At the Mountains of Madness is coming to The Neeld on Friday the 13th! Is anyone in Icarus Theatre superstitious?

If there is an added sense of danger on the night of our performances, we hope audiences will brave the perils to visit the dark warrens next to those terrifying, Mountains of Madness.


At the Mountains of Madness is at the Neeld on Friday 13 May. Buy your tickets here.