A Christmas Carol

a christmas carol

A Christmas Carol

This weekend we are continuing our festive programme with the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. We spoke to Chapterhouse’s Producer and Artistic Director, Richard Main about what audiences can expect from the show.

Why did Chapterhouse choose A Christmas Carol?

It is one of the most wonderful stories of all time. I have been fond of it ever since I first saw it brought to life in the Alistair Sim version. As a story, it encapsulates everything that we have come to associate with the Christmas season. It is a perfect opportunity for us to bring a little bit of Christmas spirit to our audiences.

What is Chapterhouse’s favourite play?

We perform a vast range of literature and always tour things we love so it is very difficult to single out one production. However, I have to say that for a theatre company your favourite production is often the last one, or as in this case, the one you are currently working on.

What can audiences expect from this production?

…warmth, joy and hopefully a real heartfelt reminder of the true human spirit. It is very much Dickens’ book brought to life.

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