May 2016

Wiltshire Music Centre

Wiltshire Music Centre at the Neeld

This summer the Wiltshire Music Centre brings two events to the Neeld, a family concert with the Berkeley Ensemble on June 11 and a summer big band concert with the Wiltshire Youth Jazz Orchestra (WYJO) on July 3. We caught up with WMC to find out more… The Wiltshire Music Centre is bringing the Berkeley […]

Ceroc dancing

Ceroc Dancing

We like a good boogie here at the Neeld, so we love Wednesdays as it’s ceroc dancing night with Richard from Ceroc Live …   Tell us about ceroc dancing and how you came to love it? Ceroc is a partner dance that is best described as salsa without the footwork. Very easy to learn and […]

Folk Music at the Neeld

Folk Music in Chippenham – Calan on Tour Calan have had a busy year!  They’ve been locked up in a detainment cell at Chicago airport, been struck by a tornado and been the subject of a House of Commons debate all in one year.  Calan, the band that have been credited for ‘giving folk music […]

At the Mountains of Madness

At The Mountains of Madness

Icarus Theatre Collective bring us a world premiere –  the first theatre adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling masterpiece At the Mountains of Madness. Desperate. Incensed. Exhausted. William Dyer returns from a cursed expedition to the Antarctic. To protect our world, he keeps deep secrets that he knows the speaking of can only shatter his fragile […]